Sams Chen's bio

Sam Chen joined Iveda in December 2018. Prior to joining Iveda, Sam managed manufacturing companies in Taiwan that generated multi-million dollars (USD) in annual revenue. With over 30 years of contract manufacturing experience in a variety of industry segments, Sam is experienced in industry standard manufacturing, purchasing and engineering processes, and a hands-on executive involved in product development processes, from Marketing Requirement Document (MRD), Process Verification Testing (PVT), Design Verification Testing (DVT), Product Mass Production (MP), and customer final product delivery. Sam’s product expertise includes PC mother boards and system integration solution products. Since 2009, Sam has dedicated his time on emerging technologies including IoT, IIoT, M2M, and smart industrial power panel, catering to global tier one telco and MSO. In recent years, Sam has delivered IoT Smart Home devices to global power utilities. Sam received his B.S. Degree in Engineering at the Westlake Industry Engineering College in Taiwan.