Public Works Management Cloud Monitoring System


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Public Works Management Cloud Monitoring System Ivedarent

It is a streaming storage rental service system developed by Iveda and built for real-time monitoring of public works. It is planned to manage vendor information and construction case scheduling from the platform, mobile APP for on-site construction notification, integrate real-time streaming playback, cloud storage technology, and public works process map. A real-time work video camera that can be managed and plugged into the network. Under the meticulous authorization and authentication information security protection mechanism, there is no need for complicated network settings, allowing users to perform real-time remote supervision collaboration and access cloud video recordings through computer web pages and mobile APPs anytime, anywhere, and can be stored for up to 180 days to facilitate Follow-up needs to be played back.

Started web platform

Provide manufacturers with information on construction projects, entry and exit records and real-time construction images

Started the APP

After the manufacturer makes an appointment to complete the construction case, the on-site personnel can use the APP to quickly start the construction, connect the camera, report the exit, and leave the construction record and report. Management and supervisors can also log in to the APP to view information and real-time images; construction units can also use the APP to view the real-time status by themselves.

 Xpress cloud real-time image web platform

Log in to the exclusive website through authentication, and watch the real-time images of 6 cameras at a time, providing manufacturers with real-time images of construction.


MegasysXpress APP

It is a mobile monitoring APP for the cloud real-time image web platform. Through a smartphone, you can watch the live images captured by multiple cloud cameras and smart mobile video uploading APPs, allowing you to hold the mobile phone and remotely grasp the status of various projects, effectively reducing time and labor consumption.

APP download

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Overwatch Eye APP

It allows you to turn your smart mobile vehicle into a real-time video and audio distribution device, and stream the captured images to the video management server. And watch and manage real-time audio and video of multiple users through the cloud platform. Real-time reports and records greatly reduce space and time constraints. Video and video are uploaded and stored in the cloud at the same time on the hour. If necessary, historical video and audio can be traced back for browsing and video file download.

APP download

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