Pipeline Information Center Monitoring

The Taipei City Government established the “Taipei City Road & Pipeline Information Center” (referred to as “Taipei Road Pipeline Center”) on July 1, 2015. It is the first joint office in the country to integrate government agency resources and pipeline companies. Forty-three pipeline divisions are available 24 hours a day. Stationed throughout the year, these divisions monitor road inspection, maintenance, and construction while providing emergency response at any time. The Taipei Road Pipeline Center promotes the city government’s plans and needs to promote various construction projects, new housing and livelihood pipelines, among others, and emphases integrating a more efficient and safer environment at construction sites, reducing repeated excavation.

The Taipei Pipeline Center prioritizes citizen safety and livable environmental, enforcing real-time visual monitoring of construction sites through cloud-based communication between workers and the center. Citizens can use the “Pipeline Construction Image System” APP on their mobile phones to check construction status in real-time and to supervise the construction quality. The system communication system has proven 99.99 percent effective in transferring photos of construction sites to the center.

Taipei City Road & Pipeline Information Center

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Taoyuan City Road & Pipeline Management Information Service Center

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“Taoyuan City Road & Pipeline Management Information Service Center” (referred to as “Road Management Information Center”) was officially established by the Municipal Public Works Bureau on January 16, 2017. Among the goals of the center were to better coordinate various projects, manage construction more efficiently, and make the pipeline drawing more intelligent. Other goals of the center are to speed up the deployment of underground cables and establish a mechanism to assist in disaster prevention and post-disaster recovery.

Cameras are required for the center to provide accurate and immediate information for the public and the those involved in road and pipeline construction projects. Through the cloud-based network, the center receives on-site video from cameras throughout each construction project, promoting efficiency and safety. Likewise, the local citizens can use the “Maintenance Engineering Office Convenience System” APP on their mobile devices to view project information, search for licensing information, and watch real-time video of construction progress. This transparency enhances the public’s confidence and connection to the projects while improving citizen’s living quality.

“Kaohsiung City Road Excavation Administration Center” was officially opened at the end of March 2017. The central task is to coordinate and integrate construction through a single portal, implement unified excavation and repair, and reduce unnecessary excavation. Additionally, the center is designed to improve road quality by strengthening road inspection and repair, improve city appearance, and improve the database of public pipelines. In the event of a road emergency disaster accident, it can be used as a disaster response command center.

The communication process starts with construction personnel installing video cameras at the site and using the “Kaohsiung Road Construction Video System” APP, establish real-time monitoring between the site and the center. Once this is established, both local citizens and center operators can view progress and receive important messages. Not only do this maintain site safety and minimize the negative effect on local citizens, but it also improves communication with the surrounding people. Through the Kaohsiung City Road Excavation Administration Center, government, construction crews, and the local populace enjoy a streamlined, transparent, and efficient construction network that enhances the lives of everybody involved.


Kaohsiung City Road Excavation Administration Center

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Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung City Lin Qinrong inspected the road excavation management center on February 1, 2021. He witnessed the on-site construction and three-party, real-time video image transmission system designed to enhance efficiency and safety. 

Lin Qinrong inspected the Kaohsiung City Road Excavation Management Center, tested the current road excavation status through the cloud real-time camera host, and asked the engineering unit to reduce individual road excavation and increase the joint excavation and integration of construction projects. At the scene, the “Kaohsiung City Road Construction Video” APP was used to monitor the road excavation construction in real time. He said that Kaohsiung City has a “three-way connection” for real-time transmission, including material supply, road excavation, and on-site supervision, while ensuring that information is disclosed and documented.

Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Qimai has called for the city to begin the move to a Smart City, which is why city leaders contracted with Iveda Taiwan to create the Kaohsiung City Road Excavation Management Center. Making good use of the best available technology to improve energy efficiency in a safe environment is the key. Given the importance of public satisfaction while road leveling and pipeline installation projects persist, the center is integral for the entire local population.



iRoad New Taipei City Smart Road Management Center

The “iRoad New Taipei City Smart Road Management Center” established by the New Taipei City Public Works Bureau was inaugurated and operated under the chairmanship of Mayor Hou Youyi on July 16, 2020. He cooperated with many companies such as water company, Taipower, Chunghwa Telecom, gas companies, and cable television companies.  It is the city government’s policy to send staff to the Smart Road Management Center to express their satisfaction and encourage everyone to jointly improve the quality of environmental and industrial safety.

Hou Youyi said that New Taipei City has a vast territory that can be enhanced by technology to achieve smart city goals, increase efficient governance, and improve the well-being of citizens. This has always been the goal of the city government. The Smart Road Management Center uses 3D pipeline images, combined with the actual road conditions, to immediately determine the status of the underground pipelines in the construction area. Using the center’s advanced technology, the management of road construction sites is strengthened, , greatly reducing the probability of accidental digging and damage to people’s livelihood during construction, and improving road management and maintenance efficiency in New Taipei City.

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