Renewable Energy Case Monitoring Transmitter

 In view of the fact that the energy transition needs to rely on the smart grid to stabilize the power supply, in the process of popularizing green electricity, how to grasp the power generation and strengthen the integration of the transmission and distribution system, and improve the ability of disaster prevention and troubleshooting by optimizing the energy grid connection is an important part.

Since solar power is smaller than traditional thermal, hydraulic and nuclear power generation methods and is distributed in various places, it is affected by unstable factors such as sunshine and weather at the location where it is installed, different power generation times between day and night, and large differences in power generation. In the case of planning to increase the proportion of renewable energy power supply, Taipower’s power grid is bound to face an impact.” In order to accurately grasp real-time power generation information to dispatch generator sets in real time and ensure the rights and interests of the public, Taipower has developed a distribution-level renewable energy management system (Distributed Renewable Energy Advanced Management System). Management System, DREAMS), using renewable energy monitoring equipment (PV Gateway) to collect real-time power generation information of renewable energy power generation sites, and upload it to the renewable energy data collection workstation of the power dispatching office for dispatchers to make power generation estimates and scheduling decisions.

Through the DREAMS renewable energy management system, the power generation end will be able to meet the needs of grid-connected renewable energy applications. In addition to the use of renewable energy, the power metering components will be related to the actual and virtual power generation, power factor, voltage and current values ​​of the responsibility demarcation point, etc. For the information needed by the power company, the real-time information is sent back to Taipower database in DNP3.0 format and 4G communication method for statistics and related value-added application functions. It can also issue control commands to the renewable energy field control program when the power grid is in crisis. The Smart Inverter in the field can regulate the real and virtual power generation of the case and stabilize the power supply quality of the grid.

 Songhua International is the first renewable energy monitoring equipment (PV Gateway) to provide practical test certification of Taipower and Industrial Technology Research Institute. The report number of the Solar Photovoltaic Test Laboratory of Industrial Technology Research Institute: 10907C03161-1-1-01 (Report Date: 2020 -11-25), use Moxa UC-8112-ME-T-LX-AP (TPC) to connect a large number of distributed power generation systems to Taipower distribution system to ensure that the renewable energy monitoring equipment is compatible with Taipower distribution level renewable energy management system ( DREAMS) is normally connected, and the field information is sent back to the DREAMS system through 4G or 5G communication, and commands can be sent to the smart converter through DREAMS to perform remote monitoring of the solar photovoltaic power generation system. Vpset and accident dispatching to improve the grid-connected resilience of the grid and renewable energy.

Renewable energy case monitoring transmitter Moxa UC-8112-ME-T-LX-AP (TPC) product has:

  • Passed the double certification of NCC and ITRI’s renewable energy monitoring equipment test specifications
  • Can be indirectly connected with Taipower DREAMS system to integrate smart converters and electricity meters
  • Convert Modbus protocol to DNP3.0
  • Built-in Dead band instant transmission
  • Built-in 4G LTE and GPS
  • -40 to 70°C wide temperature (with 4G LTE enabled), fanless design
  • Equipment status, equipment power supply, and LED signal lights are displayed, which is convenient for on-site inspection and repair of the work class
  • Need to bind the monitoring platform, the data will not flow out

 This product is designed for on-site monitoring and transmission of renewable energy projects. It adopts 12VDC~36VDC power input. It is a Din Rail design product and can be directly hung on the standard aluminum rail in the computer room of the renewable energy industry. With NTP time calibration function, it can reduce troubleshooting time when transmission is abnormal. When the system and the self-built monitoring station are connected to the PV Gateway at the same time, it has the function of only allowing the system to issue control commands, and the operator-built monitoring station can only read the case site data, but cannot issue control commands.

PV Gateway also has an easy-to-operate web page setting interface for entering and capturing Modbus and DNP3.0 communication packets and connection status diagnosis functions to confirm whether the data is converted correctly.

Functional Specifications:

  1. 2 Modbus Ports (RS232/422/485)
  2. 2 RJ45 Ethernet Ports (1 for monitoring equipment built by the supplier and 1 for maintenance).
  3. 4G communication function; Comply with LTE bands communication standard.
  4. USB 2.0 host (Type A) expansion for later system restoration or data storage.
  5. Protocol support: IPv4, TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, Telnet, DNS, SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, NTP. With LED lights, it can display power, device status (Fault, Ready), wireless data signal (Cellular signal), and Sim card. The data sent back to the main station can be stored in the local machine for more than 7 days, so that the power generation information of the case site can still be captured after the machine crashes and restarts.
  6. When the communication is interrupted or the on-site signal is weak, the equipment can automatically re-establish a connection with the base station and automatically restart the communication module, reducing the number of maintenance personnel visiting the site for repairs.
  7. The longitude and latitude information of the installation location of the equipment can be provided.
  8. Support OpenVPN communication protocol, can establish VPN tunnel.
  9. Provide local user name and password authentication, set the list of accessible IPs to avoid unauthorized access. The time can be calibrated by SIM card or GPS.
  10. This product is made and assembled in Taiwan. As a legal low-power radio frequency device, NCC certified to comply with telecommunications regulations.

Songhua International cooperates with Chunghwa Telecom and MOXA 404 Technology to provide various renewable energy projects, monitoring equipment and information transmission systems certified by Taipower. Integrated one-stop services such as 4G communication transmission, software and hardware interface of data transmission and communication, long-term maintenance, etc.; ensure the normal connection between the case site and Taipower Distribution Level Renewable Energy Management System (DREAMS).

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