Greg Omi's Bio

Greg Omi joined Iveda as CTO in May 2021 He was an early seed investor in 2006 and served on Iveda’s Board from 2011 to 2016. Greg has decades of experience as a software developer in the Computer Games Industry. He is responsible for shaping Iveda’s technology roadmap, overseeing new technology development including a web-based dashboard to centrally manage information and functionalities for video surveillance systems, AI video search platform, and IoT smart devices. Greg specializes in writing engine and effects code, game objects and tools code, data compression and quantization. He has also written the firmware for a CD drive, RSA and MD5 code. Greg worked for Zynga as software architect from November 2009 to 2019, writing online games in Flash for Facebook (i.e., FarmVille). As a senior engineer, Greg joined the Auto Pilot Team at Tesla in 2019. Greg also worked at Monkey Gods, LLC, a video game developer, designing Facebook applications as a programmer, until Zynga bought the company. From October 2006 to January 2009, Greg worked at Flektor, Inc., focused on Flash 9 / Flex 2 / Action Script 3, C, XML and Ruby programming for a web application, including video and image processing. Flektor was acquired by FOX Interactive Media in 2007 while he was working there. From October 1996 to June 2006, Greg held the position of Senior Programmer with Naughty Dog, a computer game company, which was acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment. He designed the rendering engines for the award-winning Crash Bandicoot 2, 3 and CTR for PlayStation 1, as well as the Jak and Daxter game series. Greg is credited as co-creator and co-developer of other iconic games including Crash Team Racing, Streetsports Baseball/Basketball, Jak II/3/X and many other published games.